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In the last few years I've added a new service to my feng shui offerings: Clutter Clearing Sessions.  It's something that evolved out of need, really.  I'd get a call from someone who wanted to create a warm, welcoming and calm space, but they just had too much stuff distracting them from that goal.  They wanted things to be different but they didn't think they had the time or energy to change it.  Or they started and got distracted.  Good intentions aside, they would get overwhelmed and discouraged in no time. 

It was a big struggle for many of my clients, so I started helping by giving them an action plan and offering coaching and accountability through the process.  Let's face it.  The heavy physical work of sorting and purging is daunting on it's own.  Add in the hidden emotions that surface and the unease created when chi begins to shift and move again is unsettling.  Left unchecked it can manifest as confusion, apathy and even illness, all of which will delay or even derail the process.   Clearing clutter is a B----!    

I truly believe you have to set yourself up for success with a manageable plan, help and support where needed, and most importantly, extreme self care!   Here are some practices I encourage with my clients to help lessen the impact of the work and make the process a positive (yes, really!) experience: 

  1. Seal your own energy field before starting - imagine zipping yourself up in a protective force field that will keep your own chi from being drained and keep out any negativity.  It works!!  Try it:-)
  2.  Smudge the space and yourself after an intense session - open the windows and use some burning sage or a spritz of essential oils to carry away lower energies that have been shaken up.
  3. Take a salt bath or soak your feet in a salt bath after a session - cleansing, calming and rejuvenating.  Need I say more??
  4. Take breaks to rest, stretch or go for a walk - Pay attention to when the work is starting to drain you, you're feeling emotional, tired, confused or frustrated and WALK AWAY!!
  5. Eat well, drink plenty of water and take vitamins - give yourself the fuel you'll need for the extra physical and emotional output. 
  6. Consider keeping a journal during the process – note your accomplishments each evening and make a plan for the next day, and/or taking a moment each day before you begin to do morning pages or a “brain dump” so you can start the process with a clear mind
  7. Put on music, listen to a meditation or book on tape while you work - these will help keep you energized and provide distraction from the hard work at hand.  It doesn't have to be a miserable process .... 
  8. Diffuse an uplifting aromatherapy blend while you work – my favorites for clutter clearing include sweet orange, lemon, or grapefruit, lavender, chamomile, rosemary and peppermint.  Try a blend that will calm and motivate you for the task. 

If clutter is a struggle for you or someone you know:

Sign up for my workshop "Clutter:  Is it Really that Bad?" on May 3, 2017 at SheBreathes Wellness Studio in Walpole.

Order my new book "Feels Better.  Flows Better. Feng Shui for Inspired Living".  It has a whole section about clutter and how to clear it!

Contact me to discuss whether a Clutter Clearing Session and Coaching can work for you. 

Watch for upcoming Clutter Clearing Challenges and other on-line programs.

May & June Workshops

I've got a very busy schedule of workshops in May and June including some new offerings about Feng Shui for Health and Wellness with Peg Doyle of Wellness & You
Check out all the new offerings  HERE.

Happy Feng Shui-ing!
- Kerri

<![CDATA[Free Printable -- Using Aromatherapy to Shift the Energy of Your SpaceĀ ]]>Fri, 17 Mar 2017 01:30:12 GMThttp://fengshuipathways.com/blog/free-printable-using-aromatherapy-to-shift-the-energy-of-your-spaceI consistently bring my love of aromatherapy into my feng shui practice, both in my own home and with clients.  I think essential oils are a great tool to use to shift the energy of any space.  Adding these natural scents into is a proven way to change the mood of a space and also swiftly influence the mood of the occupants. A few drops of specific oils can create calm, help ground a space, or give a much needed pick me up.  Here are some suggested oils to use, depending on the shift you want to create within your space: 

For Calming a Room, try:
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Marjoram
  • Frankincense
  • Bergamot
  • Sandalwood 
For Uplifting a Room, try:
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint
  • Bergamot
  • Rose
  • Ylang Ylang 
For Cleansing or Purifying a Room, try:
  • Lemon
  • Tea Tree
  • Pine
  • Sage
  • Cedar Wood
  • Eucalyptus
You can access a free printable version of this list HERE.

You can add essential oils to a space by diffusing them with an electric aromatherapy diffuser, by diluting them in water and spraying them with a spray bottle, or even by placing a few drops on a cotton ball and letting the scent spread out from there.  They're easy to use and pleasing to most people. Give the individual oils a try or blend some to make your own custom scent.

There's been some changes and additions to my workshop schedule.  Here are highlights:

New Date: 
Tues.  3/21  How to Attract Prosperity & Abundance with Feng Shui    at Kamala SoulCircles - The snow caused the new date so there is still time to sign up HERE

Book Signing: 
Sun. 3/26  I'll be at Fiskes General Store in Holliston      
Details HERE

New Venue: 
Weds.  5/3  Clutter: Is it Really so Bad?!!
at SheBreathes Wellness Studio in Walpole  - Find details HERE

for more details and other offerings. 

Happy Feng Shui-ing everyone!

<![CDATA[How to Change Your Luck with Feng Shui]]>Wed, 08 Mar 2017 23:51:02 GMThttp://fengshuipathways.com/blog/how-to-change-your-luck-with-feng-shuiMy Irish heritage always had me paying attention to luck.  As a kid I was always looking for the luck o' the Irish in the form of pots of gold at the end of the rainbow and four leaf clovers.  Luck was something that was hard to find.  You were either lucky or you weren't. 

Later in life I discovered that many cultures didn't share that belief.  Specifically eastern cultures, with feng shui behind them, act on the belief that you can change a good portion of your luck and destiny by harnessing and directing the invisible energy that surrounds you.  Improving your feng shui can actually help to change your luck! 

Can it make you win the lottery?  Well, that hasn't worked for me yet!   But it can create an ease and synchronicity in life that allows opportunity to easily reach you.  And every opportunity holds the chance for a lucky strike - whether that be in prosperous earnings, beneficial relationships, or rich inspirations.  

There are 3 key feng shui areas to focus on to help improve your luck:

1.  The approach to your house and front door (often the career area) -- this is where opportunity finds you.  Make sure your home is visible, approachable and welcoming.  You don't want that Publisher's Clearing House van containing a huge check in your name driving away because the driver couldn't find your address or because you missed them at the door when your doorbell failed to ring!  Keep that part of the house in ship shape always!!

2.  The money corner -- this is the back left corner of your house.  This area relates to money, prosperity and abundance.  Go check out what's going on there -- are you missing that corner of your house?  Is it full of clutter?  Does it look and feel like a rich area or is it sending a different message.  Shore up this area by de-cluttering, cleaning, and enhancing it with symbols of wealth.  (To learn how to find the different areas of your house and to learn what to do if you're missing an area go HERE and watch the video.)

3.  The support corner -- This is the front right corner of your house.  It's the area related to supportive and helpful people, travel/adventure, and all the synchronicity that comes from being in the right place at the right time.   Consider what kind of luck you're looking to change and also the people and places that you need to connect with to bring about that shift in fortune.  Place symbols supporting those connections in this part of the house and clear out any clutter that is holding your back.  

If you're really looking for a change in fortune these are the first three places I would start.  Give it a try and let me know if some lucky windfalls come your way!!

If changing your financial luck is appealing to you, join me next week in Holliston for a workshop on the topic of feng shui for prosperity.  Advance registration is required:  

“How to Attract More Prosperity & Abundance Using Feng Shui”
Tuesday, March 14th, 7pm - 9:30pm
Kamala SoulCircles, 747 Washington Street, Holliston
Limited Seating - Advance registration required - $28pp
Do you spend money as fast as you receive it?  Do prosperous opportunities seem to pass you by?  Do you seek more of the things money can’t buy like health, love, joy and opportunity?  If so, then join Feng Shui Practitioner Kerri Miller for a fun and interactive evening and learn to use the dynamic relationship between yourself and your environment to attract and keep more abundance.  We’ll discuss how to find the areas of your home related to wealth and prosperity and how to enhance those areas to attract abundance.  We’ll talk about how you carry and care for your money and how that affects your ability to keep it around.  During class, we’ll create a symbolic Wealth Pouch of crystals, coins, and hand-made symbols of abundance.  We’ll charge it with blessings and essential oils and then you can take it home and use to enhance your space for added prosperous energy.  Registration fee includes materials. 

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Hope to see you there next week.  Happy Feng Shui-ing!
- Kerri

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... And the first thing she gets asked is, "So, is the feng shui in here good?". 

It happens all the time, at family gatherings, dinner parties, book club meetings, school volunteer planning sessions, birthday parties, business events and so on.   I love that the topic comes up, but I suspect my replies are pretty disappointing!

Usually my answer is polite and vague, "your home is beautiful",  "I love how open this room is", or "it's so comfortable in here".   Occasionally, if I'm on my game, I'll point out how a chair or desk could be placed better for more support.  On rare occasions I'll toss it back to the homeowner with "How is it working for you?  Do you have challenges with the space?  Are there areas of life that you're struggling with right now?"  In most cases, the conversation ends there - honestly, who wants to get into their problems in the middle of a room full of people!?   Most often I'll beg out, saying "I've gotta be in a totally different mindset for feng shui", which honestly is the closest to the truth. 

In many ways I think I miss  the boat on being able to talk up what I do and why it's important.  I've been given a stage, a wide opening, and many new ears to share some feng shui wisdom with ... and I play it down.   But the truth is, it's not an easy answer.  There's so much that goes into assessing the feng shui of a space!  It takes more than a quick look around to come up with the answer.  In fact, to do it right, I need to engage all parts of myself:  body, mind and spirit.  To understand how energy is flowing means to make a connection with the space.  My background in energy healing helps me do this with ease, but not on the fly and especially not in the middle of a crowd.   I need to be in "the zone".

On top of that, much of my analysis would come from what the owner tells me is going on in the space and in their life.  Their answers to questions I ask tell me where to look and what to look for.  The best feng shui improvements come when everything is laid out in the open - the good, the bad and the ugly.  Whether that's clutter that collects in a certain spot in the house, maintenance issues, legal troubles, creative blocks or stagnating relationships, it has to be seen in order to understand it and shift the energy around it.  But not by everyone at the party! 

Finally, as a guest I usually only get to see a small part of the space, but feng shui considers much more than just the social areas of a home.  The neighborhood, nearby structures, the shape and health of the property, the foot print of the building, ALL the areas inside the building (even closets, basements and garages), and all plumbing and utilities are considered ... in addition to the choice of decor and placement of furniture!   Without all that information behind my answer, all you're really getting is my opinion on aesthetics and hospitality rather than a professional feng shui thumbs up!   

Don't let this insight stop you from asking that question if you see me out and about ... I welcome the opportunity to practice a more clarified response.  But please don't be disappointed if I'm vague:-)  Feng shui is so much more than I can fit into a social setting sound bite!   Now you understand why!!


Want to learn more about Feng Shui?  Join me for one of these great events in March.  Some of them are free:-)

Thurs.  March 9th - Feng Shui Tips for the Home – FREE at Holliston Public Library
Tues. March 14th – How to Attract More Abundance & Prosperity using Feng Shui – $28 - Kamala SoulCircles
Weds.  March 15th – Spring Cleaning the Feng Shui Way/Energy Clearing – FREE at Millis Public Library
Sun.  March 26th – BOOK SIGNING for “Feels Better - Flows Better - Feng Shui for Inspired Living” at Fiske’s General Store
Find out details at http://www.fengshuipathways.com/upcoming-workshops.html

<![CDATA[Feng Shui Tips For Creating A Peaceful Home]]>Thu, 02 Feb 2017 15:27:24 GMThttp://fengshuipathways.com/blog/feng-shui-tips-for-creating-a-peaceful-homePicture
Have you watched the news lately?  Depressing right?!!  It’s impossible to hide from all the unsettling events going on these days.  As much as I want to look away from the screen to get relief from today’s troubles, I also want to be informed.  I want to understand all sides so I can be part of a positive solution.

As a family, we’ve probably watched more news and read more articles in the last few months than we had in the last several years combined.  At times it has made everything feel really heavy. Do you know what I mean?  That drained feeling, mixed with fear and hopelessness.  It’s been too much!  I think it’s important to limit your intake/exposure to the tv and internet in challenging times so your personal energy is not depleted.   I even wrote an article about this a few years back and it still feels relevant.  You can check it out here.  

The key for me has been to stay in touch with how I’m feeling as I watch/read and honor when I’ve reached my limit.  I’ve also begun countering that heaviness with plenty of lighter activities like reading for entertainment, connecting with family and friends, doing yoga and meditation, and eating better too.  In the beginning, when I wasn’t doing that, I really felt a toll on my mood and my overall well-being. With these practices in place I’ve been better able to look at all that is going on without taking it in personally.  I feel that makes me stronger and better equipped to help bring about positive change in the long run.

I’ve also renewed efforts to make our space feel really peaceful and uplifting.  I’m paying extra attention to the details, and adding touches that lift the chi.  I’ve pulled everything out of my holistic tool bag for this – aromatherapy, candles, incense, crystals, music, feng shui and décor touches that help make HOME feel like a peaceful retreat and a calm place to ride out the storm. 

I’ve always felt that we all have tremendous personal power and energy available to us.  We just have to remember to tap into it.  Using feng shui in our home is one way that I can harness this energy and use it to our advantage.  I also believe that if we each “up” the energy of our own personal space we can do a lot to tip the balance of energies across the nation and further.  So it may feel like things are out of control in the world around us right now, but we can still create a positive effect by keeping our own space uplifted. 

I created a free printable with some feng shui tips for creating a calm and peaceful home.  Feel free to download it and share it.  There are also plenty of useful tips to support a peaceful home in my book “Feels Better.  Flows Better.  Feng Shui for Inspired Living”.  The book is available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble and can also be purchases locally at Fiske’s General Store and Coffee Haven in Holliston. 

Of course they say that LOVE conquers all!  So the next workshop I’m offering is one that will help us all learn to bring more loving and connecting energy into our space.  Check out the details and sign up below.  

New Workshop!
Invite Partnership, Love and Passion into Your Home

Are you still looking for love?  Do you tend to attract Mr. Wrong?  Are you in a relationship that needs some spicing up?  Join us in this casual and fun-filled class and learn how to harness and enhance energies in your home to attract and support the relationship that you want. Learn how to make simple changes to your home that will support making connections and strong partnerships.  During the session we’ll make a take-home aromatherapy recipe that will warm up any space for love!  We’ll also explore bedroom layouts and décor and discuss how to make it supportive of partnership, love, romance connection and passion.  Advance registration required - $25 per person -- materials provided. 

Tuesday, February 14th
7pm - 9:30pm
Kamala SoulCircles
747 Washington Street Holliston

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<![CDATA[Key Routines to support good feng shui]]>Mon, 23 Jan 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://fengshuipathways.com/blog/key-routines-to-support-good-feng-shuiEarlier this month  I sent out a blog post that ended up being a frustrated rant about feng shui and how it seemed to fail me for a prolonged time.  Of course feng shui wasn't the problem, it was all the excess stuff we were accumulating.  Letting go of that stuff has helped but something else has made a big difference too.  It was something that led me to a more empowered place around keeping house, and made me better at the practice of feng shui.  I want to share it with you in hopes it helps you get there too. 

First, I have to tell you that I've always been much more of the do-it-when-inspiration-strikes kind of person than the plan ahead kind.  I know now that this is a severe disadvantage once you add kids, their stuff and their schedules into the mix.  I floundered for a while and then I tried HARD to get on top of everything house and family related.  All of it.  At once.  Changing it.  Taking Charge.  Making a plan.  Getting ahead and staying ahead. 

It worked! We had wide open counters, clean floors, disinfected toilets, healthy food prepped, homework done on time ... it was GREAT ... for about 3 weeks.  And then it all fell apart again.  I couldn't maintain it.  This disciplined routine was not in my nature.  I was back at square one.  I was disappointed.  I wanted things to feel better.  I wanted things to flow better.  They always used to and I had to get there again.  

Feng shui is all about creating a space and a life that works for you.  As I thought about all of the things that were different in those 3 weeks, I realized that only a few of them really mattered to my well-being and to our home-life flowing in a manageable way.  Living in a mess had not worked for me.  Living like the pinterest board moms hadn't worked either.  I needed to figure out what would work for US and OUR HOME. 

I started by deciding what standards were essential for me - the person who is here most and has to make most of it happen. Those amazing have-it-all, do-it-all mom bloggers would not like my standards.  You may not like them. My mother-in-law and Nana definitely wouldn't like them.  Hell, my husband might not even agree with them.  But here's the deal.  None of them have to actually make it happen, here, under our circumstances, and with my skill set.  I do.  So I looked at what was critical to making us work, and that I could do in less than 30 minutes a day.  Here's what I came up with:

1.  Make the bed -- It just makes me happy to have a made bed!  I may not go in the bedroom much during the day but I feel extreme accomplishment when I walk in and the bed is made. (Even if the floor is covered in clothes.  Even if the nightstand is clouded in dust.)  That feeling is WELL worth the 3 minutes it takes in the morning to make the bed.   

2. Unload the dishwasher -- If the dishwasher doesn't get unloaded in the morning before my day gets underway then the kitchen becomes a total clusterf%^#.  Total!  Putting the dishes away takes me 5 minutes and can happen while my daughter puts butter on her waffle!  The kitchen stays maintained for the rest of the day because now there is a place for everything to go. Starting to do this one thing consistently at the same time each day has been a game changer. 

3.  Start or finish a load of laundry --  Back in the day I could just  dedicate a day every few weeks to handle the laundry. This does not work now that I'm handling laundry for four.  When laundry for 4 people gets backed up it becomes a monster job that affects all areas of the house for multiple days.  I thought it was crazy at first to be doing laundry every single day.  But it has worked.   And as long as I stay on top of it for at least 3-4 days a week by putting 15-20 minutes or so into keeping a load moving along, it makes a huge difference!!  I still fall back into old patterns with this one sometimes, but I see the energy it takes and commotion it causes and try to get back on track quickly!

I know I said 3 things but those three have worked so well that I'm trying to add a fourth quick and simple routine that will help make every afternoon smoother. 

4.  Take out something for dinner.    It takes two minutes to pull something out of the freezer!!!  When I don't do this first thing in the morning I end up fretting all afternoon about what I can make work for dinner with the limited time, energy and ingredients I have to put into it.  I'm trying to get a handle on the money we waste on take-out and the bad food we end up eating because I've skipped this step.  Please send me some good vibes on making this one work because I seem to sabotage it every few days!!

As the kid's have gotten older we've also put weekly family chores in place that help cover all of the other stuff like dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and disinfecting.   Everyone puts in about 20-30 minutes at one time and we end up with a better version of clean because of it.  I wish it all happened more often but for the most part it's fine (by my standards!)  To be honest, things don't fall apart if deep cleaning doesn't get done for a while, so here, in the Miller house, it takes a back burner to the daily routines .

So through this learning curve I've realized I need to have good feng shui placement in place, but I also need to keep a watchful eye over how much stuff we keep and also implement daily, basic routines that help it all keep flowing.  These are the things that help our home feel better and flow better.  Your choices,  about feng shui, about the stuff you keep, and about the routines that work for you are going to be different than mine, but I hope you'll consider them.  They've made a huge difference for me. 

I'd love to hear what routines you have in place that keep your world flowing well.  Please share in the comments below!

Happy Feng Shui-ing!


Want To Learn More About Feng Shui?

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<![CDATA[When Feng Shui Failed Me (Rant Alert!)]]>Tue, 10 Jan 2017 15:01:03 GMThttp://fengshuipathways.com/blog/when-feng-shui-failed-me-rant-alertFeng Shui is all about how hidden energies are flowing through a house, and how that flow affects the occupants.  When I first learned about feng shui, I thought I just needed to move my furniture around and place things deliberately and I'd be done with it.  The house would feel better, energy would flow better and all the details of my life and dreams would magically fall into place.  And to be honest, that's kinda what happened ... I was hooked! 

And so feng shui became my biggest consideration and commitment in every home I had.  It never let me down.  At least not until I started a family  ...  Once the kids came, I lost my handle on it all.  I still 'feng shui'd', but it didn't seem to be having the kind of positive impact on my home and my life as it had in the past.   I was crushed, especially since I had decided to make feng shui the focus of my life's work.  And now it wasn't working! 

I felt like our place was a mess all the time and I didn' t know where to begin.  Life would get crazy, the dishwasher wouldn't get unloaded and then suddenly the whole kitchen was an explosion.  I'd spend three solid days catching up on laundry (no one tells you how much laundry kids come with!!) only to find the bins full again when I was done.  I spent way too many Saturdays shuffling the kids off with the hubs so I could just get a few hours of cleaning and catch up done.  And I'd be mad!!!  Because they were out playing and I was home cleaning.  Wait.  What?  I signed up for this???  But if I didn't do it, the week would snowball, and we'd all (especially me) be miserable all the way  through it. 

For a good bit of time I felt like a failure.  I must not be good at feng shui, because I can't make it work in my own home.  I must not be a good parent, because I'm not that happy with the workload it comes with and I'm always yelling or crying about it.  I must be a terrible homemaker, because my house is always downright messy and dirty.  And even worse, I felt like a terrible wife, friend, daughter, sister, etc. because I had nothing left to put into my relationships.  Ugly, right?!  It wasn't pretty accross the board. 

At first, I decided maybe this mother/homemaker thing was a learning curve, so  I consulted all the really put together mom's on the internet who seemed to handle it all with ease.  I followed their organizing tips, but it would fall apart in a few weeks.  I tried getting up earlier, but that just made me more tired later. I used schedules, notes and reminders to keep me on track but still lacked consistency.  Sheesh, this was hard!!

I kept playing with feng shui too, because it's just my thing, and I started to realize that this time it wasn't the placement of the stuff that was the issue - it was the stuff itself.  Now that we had kids I was getting buried by all the things that came with them!  Toys, clothes, special dishes, lotions, medicines, carriers, blankets, more toys, more clothes ... JUST.  TOO.  MUCH!!  That's when the real message of feng shui started to fall into place for me -- everything is energy - and it either lifts you up or pulls you down.  I was getting dragged down fast! 

I started to look around with a new view - all this stuff I thought we needed - and I thought brought benefit to us - and I thought we were blessed to have - was actually also a curse.  Nevermind the financial cost of it all (ouch!), the cost to keep it, clean it, to find room for it, to put it away, over and over again was impacting my well-being as well as my families happiness.  I used to think clutter was anything that didn't get used or loved, but I started to consider that maybe it was also anything that took more energy than it added back in. 

In the last few years we've let alot of stuff go.  It took alot of time - this undoing of years of accumulating - but things started to feel better and I knew I was on the right track.  We thinned out toys and thinned out clothes (that was a BIG help!) but it didn't stop there.  I let go of tea sets I had collected for years, gave away pricey kitchen tools and all the convenience they promised, and most importantly, I stopped bringing more stuff in.  I knew now that there was no pretty little houseplant or perfect find from Homegoods that was going to make me or this house feel better -- having less stuff to care for was the only cure that was working. 

I've read about other moms on the internet who realized this too and gave away just about everything in the name of reclaiming their happiness.  I'm not there yet.  I probably never will be.  But I feel like our home is back and the good feng shui is flowing.  I can let things go for a day and it doesn't take 3 days to catch back up. This Christmas, we had room to put away what came in with ease - that has never happened before.  We still havent found the magic spot where the pendulum is balanced at all times, but it sure finally feels tipped in the right direction. 

So it wasn't the feng shui that was letting me down.  And it wasn't that I was bad at parenting,  It was all the stuff -- all that stuff was getting in the way of good feng shui flow and it was weighing the place down.  Very far down. 

Phew!  What a relief to know I don't  need to give my kids to a better mom or alter my career path.  Instead I think I have more fuel to teach what I love with even more conviction.  If too much stuff is getting you down, there's a whole section of my new book dedicated to releasing it! 

NEW Workshop:

Did you know that your house is a powerful manifesting tool?  Learn to use your home to attract and support what you want from all areas of your life.  We’ll start with a short introduction to feng shui and how it can help you harness the energy within your house for the benefit of all the occupants.  Next we’ll use mind mapping to clarify 2017 goals for each area of our life, and we’ll use the feng shui bagua to locate the energy centers in our home that relate to each aspiration.  Last, we’ll discuss cures and enhancements and where to place them in the house to support a successful 2017.  Bring a rough sketch of the main floor of your home to work with during the session. Advance registration required -- $25 per person -- materials provided. 
Tuesday, January 17th,  7pm - 9:30pm
Kamala SoulCircles, 747 Washington Street Holliston

Register Here

Happy Feng Shui-ing!


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Happy New Year Everyone!  Don’t you feel like you have a new beginning and second chance at everything as the New Year changes hands?!  Truthfully you do, and it can be very powerful if you use it to your advantage.  And it’s even more powerful this year as 2016 morphs into 2017 if you consider the numerology of it all:  2016 (2+0+1+6) is a 9 year, and 2017 (2+0+1+7) is a 1 year.  “Nine” years mark completions and endings of energetic cycles and patterns in our life.  They are often tumultuous and challenging years as doors close and opportunities shift.  “One” years are marked by new beginnings, a chance at starting over and new opportunities.  They can be bumpy if you don't shift with the tides. Overall, if you approach this transition right, you can really leap forward in consciousness, evolution, and even good fortune!  Here are a few ways to welcome in 2017 to help make it smooth and successful:
  1.  Get Clear – spend some time reflecting on the last 9 years. What challenges have you faced?  What patterns keep repeating?  What are you ready to let go of from that time that will help you start fresh in this new 9 year cycle?  Meditate, journal, soul search, envision … do whatever it takes to get really clear on what you want to attract into your life.  You don’t need to figure out the “how to do it yet”… just get clear on the “what you want to do” part of it!  If you’re in a relationship, talk to your partner about a plan for your life together.  If you run a business, do this process with your team.  Clarity is the key to attract what you want in the New Year and beyond. 
  2. Clean Up – Let go of stuff that won’t be serving you in these new energies.  This is the perfect time to sweep through your home and/or business and let go of anything you no longer need.  When things aren’t needed or used they become clutter, and clutter gets in the way of energy flow, and good energy flow is needed to help during this transition!  Let go of whatever you don’t need or has been holding you back.  Lighten your load as you move into 2017 and make room for what this new year has to offer!  If you need help with this, join the free Clutter Clearing Challenge that starts January 9th!  And besides letting go of physical things that are weighing you down, also consider releasing people from your life that don’t support you, letting go of battles you’ve been fighting that are holding you back, forgiving people or situations that have hurt you, and even lightening your digital world by curating your online friendships, email inbox and photos!  This cleanup process is way of telling the universe what is really important to you and making room for all the new energy coming your way in the coming years.  It’s a time consuming but powerful step.  Don’t skip it!
  3. Clear The Energy – energy is everywhere and in everything.  When you do the de-cluttering process you’ll be helping that energy move again.  But invisible, residual energies that are old, charged and still activated by the things you have let go of are still hiding out around you.  It’s important to do an energetic clearing of all the spaces you spend time in so that you clear out any negative chi that remains from the stuff and situations of the last 9 years.  To top it off, you can ceremoniously bless your space again and seal in wishes and energies for what you want in the next 9 years.  It’s great if you can have a professional come in and do this for you, but if you want to do it on your own, there are instructions in my book and also a brief review in this video.  You’ll be amazed at how good your space feels after doing a space clearing.  Give it a try!   
You’re probably wishing I had sent these tips out earlier, before the 2017 had actually arrived!  And after reading it you may be feeling like you’ve missed your opportunity to successfully accomplish this list.  Don’t fret.  I used to do all of these things in the days before December 31st, but life during the holiday season is much busier and full of distractions (read that as “kids” and “school vacations”!)  so I never seem to get it done early anymore.  But I’ve realized that this transitional energy is in place for a few weeks before and a few weeks after, and technically the Chinese New Year isn’t approaching for another few weeks.  So now I relax into the process in early January, knowing that everything is perfect timing. 

I’m excited for 2017!  I’m excited for the new beginnings that come with this new 9 year cycle!  I have plenty of new feng shui offerings in the coming year – check them out below. 

Happy New Year everyone!  Wishing you wellness and good fortune in 2017

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<![CDATA[4 Tips for Enhancing Your Holiday Spirit]]>Wed, 21 Dec 2016 15:12:51 GMThttp://fengshuipathways.com/blog/4-tips-for-generating-your-personal-abundant-holiday-spiritThere's always that point during the holiday season where I hit the  wall.  The toll of shopping, wrapping, decorating, budgeting, menu prep, elf moving, and social events has me feeling really depleted.  I feel energetically drained, financially stressed and completely overwhelmed with all that's left to buy and do before the big day.  My holiday spirit turns Grinchy and I find it hard to enjoy all the season has to offer.  Try as I might to head this off each year by committing to less, planning ahead, saving all year, I still fall into this mood for a day or two before pulling myself back up . . . Does anyone else get this way????
There are some things that I've learned help pull me back to that place of celebration and joy.  Here's what works for me:
1. I seek out things to be grateful for - although I think gratitude journals are very powerful I usually don't have time for them.  Instead, when I feel my inner Grinch coming on I take a moment to review all that I'm grateful for.  I make a point to ignore the flaws and focus on the benefits that surround me.  If I'm really having a hard time thinking of something I go seek it out ... looking purposefully and noticing the kindness of strangers, or taking a walk and noticing the abundance in nature.  This works every. single. time.  I just need to do it!!!  
2. I remind myself that everything is energy and I can cultivate my own personal energy.  This is so empowering to know!  If I make time to meditate, do some positive visualization,  and incorporate movement like yoga or chi gong I am able to better harness the energy that surrrounds me and the power of my mind to hold it in place.  It instantly gets me out of any rut or mood I'm in.  Try this:  Visualize yourself connected to earth and spirit energy by a beam of light that extends above and below you.  Feel the energy from both directions and call it towards your heart center.  See the energies meeting in your heart and beginning to circulate and enlarge until it moves outside and around you forming a shell.  See only positive things being able to penetrate this energy shell.  You can send and receive love and abundance through this shell but are protected from negativity and feelings of lack.  Trust me you will no longer feel depleted after this short exercise! 
3.  Whenever I'm feeling stressed about finances I turn the table on it by giving and giving more.  It's easy to forget that money is just energy and energy needs to circulate and flow.  I often find that if I initiate the flow by giving time, love, compliments, services, gifts or donations, without the expectation of getting anything back, the abundance somehow gets returned to me in unexpected ways.  Just making someone else's day for a moment sheds away that bad mood anyway. 
4. I tone things down a bit.  This year I opted out of mailing Christmas cards to all of our family, friends and neighbors.  I decided it took too much time and too much money and I'd rather do other things with both.  It was a hard decision but once I made it I felt so much better!  I'll send wishes electronically and send a prayers and blessings out as needed!  Sometimes I even tone down our decorations in the middle of the season.  Adding all of that high vibration stuff into the home all at once can really change your space and how you feel.  If I notice I'm feeling amped up or the kids just can't settle I shift things around and even remove stuff until it feels better.  This year we've opted for  fewer blinking-colored lights and musical ornaments and more homemade gingerbread house centerpieces and fires in the fireplace.  The kids haven't missed the excitement and mommy loves it!
Overall, I think my grinchy mood is a yearly reminder that I'm doing it wrong and focusing on the wrong stuff.  Maybe someday I won't need these tips because I'll finally remember the real meaning of the holidays all the way through the season!   But for now I need these reminders and exercises to keep me on track.  I hope these help you get in the holiday spirit if your missing it!
Happy Holidays and Happy Feng Shui-ing!

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Last year I created a You Tube Channel where I share video tips about applying feng shui in your space.  I wanted to re-share one of my more popular videos because it pairs well with the feng shui tips for wealth and abundance I've been highlighting on Facebook and in the blog all month.  Plus there's festive decorations in the video so it's perfect to share during the holiday season!  Check it out below: 

Let me know in the comments if there's anything from the video that you'll be applying at home. 

Want more Wealth Building Tips ​or interested in joining a free Clutter Clearing Challenge in January?  Click HERE for details about online workshops.

My new book "FEELS BETTER. FLOWS BETTER. Feng Shui for Inspired Living" is now available.  Check it out HERE!

Happy Feng Shui-ing!